Avian is a Talented and Sucessful Handsome Man. He gets all the girls attention. You would love to call Avian your boyfriend. He is Harworking and Selfless He likes to care for others like he cares for Himself. He has an amazing Personality and is very funny. Avian lights up any room he walks in. Everybody loves to be around an Avian. He is the life of the party.
Hey Look Avian is here. Avian is so Handsome
by Handsome April 11, 2022
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A strong male who tries he is very smart and cute he not that smart in school but he tries to do good he cares for his girlfriend they been through a rough path but he has tried harder and he loves her more in realty and he id a trustworthy person
Avian- cute, brave, strong, and very smart
by Samantha reighns January 17, 2018
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Noun OR Object Refered alot in the magical community

An Avian is a Person who has been learning to shift Wings, many people describe this as P-Shifting due to it being on the physical plane. HOWEVER, there are no sighting or records of winged humans in evolution or in the present for atleast over 200,000 years.

If you want help on becoming a mythical, go to many online forum sites.
“ A recent object has been identified in the sky! Many people say it’s a UFO..however, some people on Forum Page say it is a fellow Avian. “

“Hey Rebecca what mythical are you wanting to be?” Jesse Said.
“ An Avian. “ Rebecca replied.
by The Mythical Guide January 28, 2019
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This creature is an unnatural being that hides in a room for 16 hours or more. This creature becomes hostile if asked to go outside, but chooses to remain docile. It is tame but can be extremely dangerous if not fed as it will attack anyone that comes close to it.
"Dude, are you okay!?"
"No, my Avian scratched my face and I had to get stitches."
"Damn, sucks to be you I guess."
"This is why I fucked your wife, Jerry."
by feralbeingwithagun January 4, 2021
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Avian is a short, feisty, funny girl with an amazing friend group and a dirt mind. Avian does her best to make everyone feel supported and cared for. She goes through a lot of struggles, but people usually don’t know because she puts her best foot forward. She is like and open book and is easy to open up to and laugh with. But don’t let this fool you because she is a real freak and let’s everyone know it. Sometimes, she comes off as mean but she makes up for that with her humor and her energy. She is insecure but spends most of her time listening to others and being social. People are constantly laughing at her jokes. Her vibe makes everyone feel happy. Her vibe is fun. She can be a handful at times, and she has her flaws, but when she cares for people, she truly cares and is loyal. People often look past her, but she is someone truly special.
“I texted Avian after the fire and she cracked so many jokes. She’s just cool and lifts my spirits. She’s special”
by ...anonymous...4819 December 3, 2018
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Avians are an Internet subculture, being born as separate branch from the furry community. Avians are similar to the scalie subculture for they are different from the furry community due to their larger focus on birds, gryphons, etc.

Avians are as of current the smallest and least recognized group out of the three main branches of the community
He mains Falco on Smash, he’s deadass an Avian
by CorvusGang September 12, 2019
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Sexy ass muda fuka gets all the girls. He is cock Asian and plays basketball. He also has a big pp. Avian likes having at least 9 boyfriends and 10 girlfriends at the same time.
Avian is very sexy.
by AsianAvian June 4, 2021
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