What Muslims (and some Jews) can’t eat
Bacon is good though
by SoBsubsidiary> August 25, 2022
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Person 1: Did you see his wallet?

Person 2: Yeah, that's a lot of bacon!
by CoolDude 1 August 20, 2016
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The cure for vegeterianism.
When she decided to become a vegetarian, the doctor prescribed lots and lots of bacon.
by Alien Blender May 21, 2008
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1.quite possibly the greatest thing ever conceived by mankind and is frequently called the tastiest thing around
it can be eaten (devoured) with everything
and in some cultures is used as a mating ritual
"the only reason i get up the morning and go to sleep at night is bacon"
by JewC May 17, 2008
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When something is good but you really don't understand the hype. Like, bacon is good and all, but why do some people lose their shit over it? similar to 'overrated' (which is used way too much as a way of discrediting something without having to give a proper justification, most often when someone finds they have a disliking for a popular phenomenon and is resentful of those who embrace it.) but the difference is you're not an asshole and can let others like something without shitting on it just to be a hater. because you realize that it is good, but want to voice your opinion that it's not as good as all the hype.
Steve: hey babe, what do you want for dinner?
Monica: OMG lets get In-N-Out, I've been thinking about it all day since Becky had some for lunch at work!
Steve: In-N-Out? alright, but I don't understand why you like it so much. it's bacon to me.

other things that are bacon;
lady gaga
taylor swift
kanye west
the office
game of thrones
DC comics
by nagaashi February 13, 2018
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The greatest person in the world. Also known as Baekhyun. He's the sweetest guy ever. He is married to Chanyeol and they sail the happiest ship next to HunHan.
OMG Bacon is totally Chanyeol's wife.
by OhMyBacon September 11, 2012
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