A person who is amazing, smart, cute, and funny. He has a great sense of humor and will keep you laughing. He's like a sour patch kid- sour then sweet. Loyalty and cuddles are his specialty.
I wish i were with keller
by weepinq October 17, 2019
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A man or woman who is the dominate one in an relationship. Opposite of being a Beecher.

2. A dangerously sexy man
Im the Keller in this relationship!

My last boyfriend was sooo Keller
by ellipher March 17, 2009
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To fuck someone so hard to the point where they become deaf and blind.
I think I'm going to Keller some relatives today.
by AnInnocentChild December 25, 2013
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Local name for one of the southwests largest alternative venues. (BierKeller)
Night spot is a mecca for most alternative people in the UK, have booked acts such as Nirvana, Gore, Reel Big Fish and Electric Six.
Holds a reputation within Bristol for being Moshing.
Is also reputed to be the last true alternative venue left in Bristol
Person1: Dude, you going to the Bierkeller tonight?

Person2: you sound like such a nube, it's Keller idiot
by The Truth (Partial) June 14, 2008
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In Gaelic, "Keller" means "little companion"
by GoGators22 December 10, 2018
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A psychotic or oversexed woman. Slang for prostitute
Man that keller blew me in the alley for nothing!
by Jimmy Vegas July 11, 2008
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Adjective. When some when is so useless or incapable of doing anything. The person cant put on their own clothes, or just answer a question to a quiz or test or follow basic instructions. They are like almost retarded without the mental handicap. It does not have to be physical. Someone could be dumb at a subject. Or someone is lacking on a school project. Maybe they are just assholes. This term can be used for almost anything at this point. Just like fuck. Fuck can be used for anything. Keller is the new word that I hear alot of people saying.
Kenny - lily didnt do her work for the project tomorrow.
Kevin - Shes useless.
Kenny - shes so keller
by Au KJTR ftw April 12, 2015
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