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A man or woman who is the dominate one in an relationship. Opposite of being a Beecher.

2. A dangerously sexy man
Im the Keller in this relationship!

My last boyfriend was sooo Keller
by ellipher March 17, 2009
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Butter that can be Salted, Sweet or Whipped but always Delicious.
I tapped that ass last night but all I could think about was some tasty keller's
by Trigger Happy May 20, 2004
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a keller is a guy who is so awesome and hot and funny and caring and has a dirty mind and will tell you his feelings and will love you and you WILL love him back and if you break up you will secretly still love and will never be able to get over him.
I wish I was dating a keller

i know right he is so hot
by peoplerock December 12, 2017
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(v)-to have sex with someone who is underage an regret it afterwards due to negative repercussions
Wow, I can't believe that you want to keller her, that's kinda risky don't you think?
by Mike jsihaiongadhsoih April 19, 2006
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