Denzel is a fun person to hang out with but sometimes can take it to far. He focuses on projects that needs to be done but hates doing his work set for him.Once he finds a partner he admires them and doesn’t settle for less. He will truly care for them and cherish her.Denzel is good at sports and loves to do sports with his friends (just so he could win).His friends are big impact in his life as they are like brothers to him and his very loyal to them.He can seem like a tough person and holds his ground however when it’s come to his girlfriend or mother he will be the most loving and supportive (his a real mommas boy) with kids Denzel tends to love playing with them and enjoying his time with them.Denzel can be very stubborn and boring when his not happy.But when he is happy his the most annoying person and best to be around.A Denzel is someone we need to balance our life
Girl : hey Denzel

Denzel : it’s not denzul it’s den-z-e-l
by Abarbzworld September 7, 2019
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A man with a huge heart and even huger snake. Extremely sporty and good looking, keeping the girls off of him is an impossible task. Highly recommended to hide your girl from him.
"omg it's so big, you must be called Denzel"
"Oh sh*t Denzel's comng, we better hide our girls"
by Killerkat101 May 30, 2018
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Name for a fly ass person. Usually has the best sense in fashion and music. He is also usually very attractive.
1.” I wish I could be a Denzel, they’re always so cool
by $lickrick November 21, 2020
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one who is sexy, has a huge dick, athletic, though not conceited by it. A laid back person.
captain 1: i want denzel on my team.

captain 2: no way, unfair, he's the lebron james of high school basketball.
by Galloo August 10, 2015
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Denzel is sweet to girls, he is a very good basketball player. He has nice skin and nice shoes . Denzel is a bucket getterr
Denzel is actually kinda sweet
Yo zel is sick at balll!
by Hdfhdh January 6, 2018
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A very sexy and attractive man...he has beautiful eyes and he has a very very large penis and knows how to work dat dick...tappable...delicious...and freaky
mimi:i effin love that denzel
tt:dnt b talkin bout my denzel
Bri:Dat denzel is mine all of it...

(three way fight)
by tiffanithompson January 23, 2011
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A huge rail of cocaine. Robs favorite... NO EGG
Mike Long: You smashing some Denzels tonight?
K-Hog: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
by FlightRisk February 19, 2013
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