People who came from Sweden with the original name of Svenson. Most Swenson's are extreamly stubberon (which can be a good or a bad thing), have a strong sence of right and wrong, and get really pissed off when you mess with the people the care about and or love. If you wish to be with a Swenson be prepared to deal with these things.
A man insulted the wife of a Swenson and therefore he was locked in the back of a moving van wrapped in shrink wrap for the remainder of the day.
by Amour2013 February 21, 2011
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young spiritual man full of bountiful knowledge, tends to like to make girls upset by saying things like "never-mind" in the middle of the conversation. for the most part though ryan in a good kid, he goes to church does his homework, takes girls to freee movies and still pulls off all A's and B's. He prides himself on the fact that he has never drank in his life.
That young man is such a ryan swenson!
He gets grades like a ryan swenson.
by lizzzzuuummmssss January 4, 2010
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the second biggest gooey in the world
jesse swenson is a goo.
by blooblaching August 13, 2008
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the act of dating girls that are entirely to young for you
kris got arrested for pulling a swenson spoon
by ckennedy July 11, 2008
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a drive in fast food restaurant found in Ohio. the burgers...FIRE....the onion rings...FIRE. GO. TO. THIS. PLACE.
johnny: i’m hungry.
dave: let’s go to Swensons
by dinochikennuggets May 11, 2020
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