Noun: nasty sweaty crotch, forming a dank atmosphere inside the jeans.
Yo, Ortega... Does that inner city bus ride that you take every day give you nasty swamp?
by Dilley March 12, 2007
Sunnydale Projects in San Francisco's Vistatation Valley.
Don't go the the swamp if you're weak.
by bigblock23 February 11, 2005
To slap someone across the face with a dried up, crusty, cum-filled tissue.
Prounounced like "stamp".

Wraivyn swamped Chris for being such a d-bag on Vent."
by Kahnrad January 23, 2009
Describing yourself as being overworked when in reality you do not want to be given more work.
I can't take this new project becuase I am swamped.
by CrazyJoe January 28, 2006
When your teachers give so much homework and you have to stay up all night to finish it.
Friend: Omg you look tired
Me: Dude I was swamped with homework
by SeeIKnowStuff November 8, 2017
When you shove your green painted cock in a wet vagina and scream: "This is my swamp now".
I'm not welcome anymore at my girlfriends place ever since her parents saw me swamping there daughter.
by Profes December 24, 2017
The name of Hawkeye and Trapper Johns tent/home on the original movie MASH(1970) as well as the series. Frequently used as a haven for consuming alcoholic beverages as well as cavorting with nurses.
One nurse to the other; they trapped me in the swamp.
by Jim Brett April 26, 2008