One of the oldest Spanish families, known for their hard work, tenaciousness, and being very proud. They can be very hard-headed, but that is their ultimate strength. They put their family first, take pride in their work, and are great orators. They honor the family name with dignity, respect, and pride.
Dino: "Damn, that guy sure is proud!"

Ben: "Dude, that guy is an Ortega! He actually puts in the

effort in his work."
by syndicate48 September 27, 2011
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n. given to extreme success in a shameless manner.
Bobby relied on his inner Ortega when summoning his strategy for the days sales.
by cbuddau August 22, 2008
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A wealthy suburb of Jacksonville, FL. Ortega girls go to private high schools, wear pearls daily, and dress in very preppy clothing. Ortega boys also wear topsiders, vineyard vines, and polo. Bow ties are essential. Golf, football, tennis, and lacrosse are popular sports. Weeklybrunch at the country club is essential, especially after a good yoga class.
Ortega kids are fratty as fuck.
by 1816362892 March 6, 2009
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butt butter, also known as swamp ass cream.

occurs during excessive shitting or when engaging in compulsive humping activities, no matter where
hey get me some Ortega, I just tore that bathroom up
by CC Tards February 10, 2011
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Ortega. Although different from the word Omega, I believe these two words carry the same meaning and were at one was point slightly altered though language and time. Simular to how the word exception and excepción (Spanish) Two different languages yet very similar sounding words. There's a reason why the Omega was put at the bottom, the Omega male it's the only thing an Alpha male fears.
Ortega / Omega He is clearly not subservient to the alpha, he's Rogue
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The last name of one of the best boxing famillies in Little Elm a suburb of Dallas.

Recently they have all split up and Tony Ortega Has 2 kids but he died and left his kids Tony jr. and AlexWho are awesome at soccer

Tony Ortega,Richard Ortega.Joe Ortega,Tony Ortega jr.,Alex Ortega
by Alex Ortega December 24, 2006
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a wealthy but yet bad area as known as ortega hills in jacksonville florida that area is ran by an infamous gangster named vicious
by vicious v from ortega April 28, 2009
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