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Svetlana is a common name amidst Slavs , people with Russian origins . "Svet" in Russian means light , holy and bright . Svetlana´s are typically some of the most caring women you may know although they may seem tough on the surface . Their perspective of the world may be different to yours , however they have all the correct information to back it up . They make amazing and affectionate mothers , teachings their child how to grow up respecting their roots and being a lady or total gentleman . Their demeanor brings joy to close members . They never cease to give out love and tips , however this often gets unnoticed .
"Svetlana , your name suits you perfectly . You are as bright as it indicates . "
" Thank you for being my mother . Svetlana . Your name is holy itself . Just how you existence is to me "
by nikamc February 24, 2017
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