A person who feels they don't gaf . They feel that people get on their nerves so why should they care? They are the definition of mystery. And usually wasn't born cold hearted. Most the time its caused by at least one person who constantly got on their nerves. #heartless#dontcare#dontspeak
He's not smiling, must be cold hearted .
by xxx.lyrical February 25, 2018
cold hearted-to be un-feeling, 2 not care about anything, 2 feel no remorse
by T3CH April 17, 2004
Not showing any affection or warmth to other people; unkind.
There are some people can be well-mannered, and then there are some that can be very cold-hearted.
by Johnnymyman96 January 1, 2022
someone who doesn't really care about anyone and is kind of mean
"wow that was a cold-hearted comment."
by lowkey_lilyyyy May 1, 2020
The point when you're love runs out, someone is still loving you and that person is going to die because you have nothing left for them. When they die you are only restored to normal contentment.
by bushlight February 1, 2018