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A russian ballet dancer primarily named Jesus, whom everybody thought was the Antichrist. The sent her in a box to Alasks, and wrote "jesus" on the box, but it looked like "svetlana" so she was called that. She went to live with Penguina, and developed a nonlesbian interest in her (although she admitted on live TV that she was bi.) She enjoys going to iHop with Penguina, their close personal very best friend Rleka, and Penguina's dad,Czjham. They then tell the waiter their name is Dregorgle.
Rleka: "Have you scene penguins seen Penguina?"

Scene penguins: "Hello Kitty!"

Rleka: "How about Svetlana?"

Scene penguins: "Fall Out Boy!"
by Rleka July 02, 2007
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