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The idea, thought or belief that some terrain or ground area (mostly on bodies other than Earth) is unsuitable for landing or other necessities that require good terrain characteristics as opposed to others.
Guy one: Dude! Elon Musk just announced the colonization of Mars!

Guy two: Meh, Venus has much richer soil than Mars.

Guy one: Damn, dude! Quit your surfacism.


Guy one: So what do you think about the house? It's got a nice view!

Guy two: I wish the floor was carpet instead of wood.

Guy one: Why are you always so surfacist?
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by Dr. Boredom June 17, 2018
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The belief that something of close resemblance, popularity, or attraction holds more value or credibility than something else.

John: Going to Venus and possible colonizing it is far more plausible than colonizing Mars.

Jill: No way! The colonization of Mars has been talked about for decades and now Elon Musk is on board.

John: Don't succumb to surfacism Jill!


Tamra: You didn't give Terrence the job because he was black?

Andres: I thought African American's tended to be less productive, so I gave it to Kyle instead.
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by Incendio September 11, 2018
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