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Having the need to feel superior than others by means of intelligence, athleticism, or any other measurable trait.
Caroline always corrects my grammar when we're talking online. Her superiority complex is so annoying and unnecessary because anyone could understand the point I'm trying to convey, but she still goes to the extremes of addressing the smallest of errors. :v

Sean always talks about the plays he made while playing football, even when trying to compliment others for their play. It's just a natural superiority complex that he has, where he feels the need to boast about himself in order to feel accomplished.
by maraaaaaathon July 30, 2013
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A Superiority Complex is the belief that one holds some value (societal or monetary) over another and acts as if they were born from a golden womb. Superiority Complexes are often seen in low-income neighborhoods when a member of the community gains more capital than their neighbors, and is most commonly associated with upper-middle and 'upper' class members of society.

While often involving tradable goods or currency, Superiority Complexes can also stem from sexism and IS NOT limited to either sex. Anyone can be uppity, snooty, snobbish, or pretentious. It doesn't fucking matter where you come from or what you were born as.
Man 1: "Dude, I just got these new work boots and they're pretty comfy."

Man 2: "Same here! I got Red Wings; what did you get?"

Man 1: "Just some Sketchers, but the memory foam-"

Man 2: "Uh, you might want to spend a little more next time, bud."

Man 1: "Why?"

Man 2: "Only the fashion-blind and poor wear Sketchers."

Man 1: "... The fuck? Does it really matter? You need to drop that Superiority Complex."
by GhostMagic February 6, 2018
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Superiority complex refers to a subconscious neurotic mechanism of compensation developed by the individual as a result of feelings of inferiority.

The feelings of inferiority in this specific complex are often brought on by social rejection, possibly as a result of the individual's inattentiveness to hygiene, appearance, or lower intelligence as compared to others.

We also call people with Superiority Complexes overpowered Hunters.
by Hlalzle March 1, 2008
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When one person feels that their own personal value and importance is greater than it actually is.
Marie and Andrea are making buttons for a fundraiser.
Marie holds the button maker.
Andrea says smugly, "Oh please. Let me make that."
Marie makes a button, but she mistakenly does a wrong step and it comes out less than perfect.
Andrea makes a invidious face. "I told you I should have made that."

Now, class, is this an example of superiority complex?
by Eloisie November 3, 2006
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A mindset of a individual who thinks they're the smartest, strongest. and wealthiest usually they're the opposite and if they aren't they usually lack in other categories of their daily lives like Hygiene
Dude#1: Hey man I've been meaning to ask you how do you get your muscles to pop I've been eating 2000 calories
Dude#2: That's probably the problem you should try 2500 calories
Dickhead: Fucking meatheads are you all this stupid muscles don't help you get any smarter than me Gym rat
Dude#1 Man you smell like you've been in a fucking gym bro you need to chill with the damn Superiority Complex
by CudiBudi420 April 3, 2019
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Girl From SF: I hate socal soooo much, socal suuuuucks, fuck socal!

Me: Why?

Girl from SF: Fuck socal!

Me: You have a serious superiority complex...

Girl from SF: Fuck socal!
by 19AndrewPF92 June 28, 2011
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