The lazy way to sound over-dramatic. Users usually end statements with question marks just to annoy others.
But that's super not true? (and the conversation ends unless you ask why, which you will immediately regret.)
by Dorhiri March 31, 2021
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jhon:thats super
man: i know i snort cocaine all the time
Superman is not retarted he is super
by 69420boy January 21, 2021
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The most super over utilized word in the English language.
I super hope Mason and Cody get along with eachother. It would be super awesome if they became bffs, Cody is super smart.
by Uptheshambles August 16, 2017
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A symbol resembling an "S" with unknown meaning that children enjoy drawing in middle school, simply because it looks cool; some refer to it as a Stussy (STOW-see), not to be confused with the brand of the same name
Woah! You can draw the Super S? Show me how!
by Wailord69 April 28, 2018
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