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javi = sex.
I want to make sweet sweet javi to that man.
by zee April 07, 2004

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Sexy Potions master at Hogwarts, hated by all the students there.
Snape is HOTT!
by Zee January 15, 2004

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whats up , or how's it going
hey whats good with you today
by zee April 23, 2005

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the word michael jackson likes to say a lot in his songs
michael jackson: OW!
by zee February 08, 2004

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1.n God, or one who is like a god in a certain way. Somewhat like the Zee from the N Room.
"Holy fucking shit zee pwnz" "Yeah man I know zee kicks my ass =("
by Zee March 19, 2005

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One of the better tasting root beer sodas on the market. It is not as sweet as many other brands, and it does have a bite to it. A very good product.
by Zee October 27, 2003

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Acronym that means "eat shit and die"

It can an also be extended to "eat shit, and then die" ESATD

Or if you mean serious business,

"Eat shit and then die, you dumb asshole." ESATDYDA

At which point it looks like a Mexican celebration phrase in ALL CAPS.
Person1: "ur a punk. u haev no lief"
Person2: "Shut the fuck up, I am tired of your bullshit. ESAD"

by Zee June 11, 2007

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