(adj.) Refers to things coming from the Sugondese Autonomous Region (aka The Federation of Sugondis) of Western China, near the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Since the Sugondese language and culture are distinct from others in China and the Middle East, the region was given autonomy in 1981. During its recovery from Mao Zedong's Great Leap Forward, the Sugondese Region experienced a period of prosperity and readopted their traditional religion of Bofaism. In modern times, the Sugondese Region's economy is quite small, but remains stable due to the widespread cultivation and export of various tree nuts, which accounts for around 96% of the region's income. Tree nuts are very common in Sugondese cuisine, as they have been a staple food source there for millenia. Recently, the Sugondese people have become the subject of crude jokes and memes on the internet, which some theorize were started by the Sugondese government to boost tourism. Whether or not this conspiracy theory is true is not known; what is known is that it's funny as fuck.
Guy 1 (while eating): Mmm, this is really good! What is it?

Guy 2: Sugondese food.

Guy 1: Huh?

Guy 2: Sugondese nuts.
by TheSlanguist August 1, 2018
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Sugondese is the the language of the Sugondem people, residing in the northern european country of Sugona.
They're famous for the Sugondic ritual known as "bofa" where they create a circle of various legumes and nuts around someone as it's believed to cure ones afflicted with Ligma.
Person 1:I heard johnny got ligma last week
Person 2:Did he get a bofa?
Person 3:He tried, but whenever he asks people if they know anybody that speaks Sugondese they just laugh at him.
by Argeurgargeur August 2, 2018
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(adj) Referring to anything about the Sugondat Islands, a chain of ten islands located near Montserrat. Like aforementioned Montserrat, the Sugondese Dix are also a British Overseas Territory. Though administered by the British, most of the island's inhabitants speak French or Creole, explaining the common nickname for the Island the "Sugondese Dix" which means "Sugondese Ten" in English. The Island is famous for its Rubber and Nut trees, which make up its largest exports. Sugondese Balls and Sugondese Nuts are prized possessions for trade and make a lot of money for the Sugondat Islands. Unfortunately, the popular YouTube commentator PewDiePie has popularized the term in an incorrect way, as his second nationality. In reality, he is just trolling his audience by saying he is "part Swedish and part Swedish", as Su-gun-day-say means Swedish in the Hausa language. There are also many popular celebrities such as popular Fortnite streamers Ninja, TSM Daequan and Myth who at least have part Sugondese descent.
"Have you tried Sugondese?"

"Sugondese What?"

"Sugondese Balls."

"Have you tried Sugondese Nuts?"

"Yeah, they're amazing aren't they?"
by Genius_Definition November 6, 2018
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The Sugondese are a race that originates in Eastern Asia. Famous Sugondese citizens include TSM Daequan, and Myth. In fact, most Fortnite streamers are Sugondese. When the Sugondese were discovered, they brought 2 new diseases with them, called Bofa, and Ligma which are both neurodegenerative diseases that reduce your mind to only be able to play Fortnite all day.
Sugondese fuckin balls lmaooo
by Lil Bungus July 31, 2018
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"Sugondese" is referring to " suck on these".
It is commonly used as a country to fool people.
Guy:"Did you hear that I'm Sugondese?"
Guy 2: "What's Sugondese?"
Guy: "Sugondese Nuts
by saihxn July 26, 2018
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A type of Rare disease that only swedish people can get. It is basically a Stage 1 type of Ligma and can still be treated.
-Chat room-
XxTrollxX: Dude pewdiepie has Sugondese😢
Guest_564:Whats Sugondese?
XxTrollxX:Sugondese nuts 😂

---------Guest_564 left the chatroom--------
by Legit-Genious August 5, 2018
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The ligma joke that scammers always fall for
Person: “Are you from sugondese?”
Scammer: wat sugondese
by dhar woman July 13, 2022
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