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A girl, usually of spanish or catalan origin, that is supercool and has the ability to talk with the unicorns. The legend says all Montserrats are descendants from a hot goddess that came to earth just to have fun and then decided to hang out.

A Montserrat usually has big brown eyes and long black hair with a really hot body. They often confuse Montserrats with Penelopes, but penelopes are just some wannabes.

She is usually a chill girl who does not give a fuck about anything. She is really cool and down to earth and has the ability to be a really random person. A Montserrat usually loves Zelda and plays a lot of video games.

If you date a Montserrat consider yourself a lucky bastard.
Guy #1: Man I am dating this super hot girl that is really chill and plays Zelda.
Guy #2: Really.. What's her name?
Guy #3: Montserrat.
by LaDJ August 16, 2013
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