When one has consumed so much sugary foods they are transformed into a speedy, energetic, fast person. The opposite of this is a Sugar Nap, where the person is transformed into a drunk. Sugar Rushes are usually fun because consuming sugary foods is great.
"Watch out Laurie! Bobbie has a Sugar Rush!"
by an_absolute_idiot August 27, 2020
I had like 3 sugar rushes last night & now I feel like ass.
by Elaine Benes July 12, 2008
1. The title of a novel written by Julie Burchill, perhaps better known by it's TV adaptation.

The TV series is based strongly upon the novel - exploring the life of 15 year old Kim (Olivia Hallinan) and her lustful obsession with the gorgeous Maria Sweet, aka. "Sugar" (Lenora Crichlow).

The show, set in Brighton, explores just some of the dilemnas faced by many people in their teenage years. Kim's sexuality remains bottled up inside her, she feels the need to lose her virginity and her family is very much in domestic unrest, with numerous socially problematic issues, particularily regarding Kim's rather strange brother.

The show also focuses upon the relationship Kim has with her adulterous mother, Stella.

It is suggested that the show's popularity may be as a result of it being in some way titillating to the (predominantly) male viewers, which has led to accusations of the show being nothing more than "mindless seuxal filth".

Undoubtebly, there are men somewhat aroused by the forbidden lesbian love, and hence will be consisently fixated on the events which unravel on screen.

However the show's appeal is not simply to the male population, as everyone can probably relate in some way to at least some of the issues the show deals with.

The show remains entertaining, with, at times, intelligent and original dialogue and character interaction. Kim's monologues are particularily good. Elements of humour also mix nicely.

2. The strong, and quite often sudden desire to either begin, or perpetuate the ingestion of sugary products, such as candy, cakes and ice creams, in a hedonistic nature.
1. Did you watch 'Sugar Rush' last night?
2. I need another Mars Bar! I'm on such a sugar rush here.
by s2k July 25, 2005
when a guy is super sweet and hyped on you at first and then without warning it dies out and like a 'sugar rush' it was never real and all in his mind to begin with. (because scientifically consuming a high level of sugar does not increase hyperactivity in the brain.)
Don't get sugar rushed, girl.
by snericka December 8, 2010
Sugar Rush is the name of the song that was sung by Japanese Idols group AKB48 and it was feature in Wreck It Ralph.
All roads aren't straight, Yes they're windy ,And most likely bumpy, From time to time , things can get rough, We'll keep running anyway, Would you care for something sweet? ... S-U-G-A-R Jump into your racing car, Say SUGAR RUSH! SUGAR RUSH! S-U-G-A-R .
by sugartime May 8, 2017
Name given to a small group of ardent followers of TikTok influencer Andrew "Drew" Wright. Affectionately named for Drew's boundless energy, Drew's Sugar Rush Queens are a group of dynamic women brought together by their love and care for all things Chef Drewski as well as support for one another. The SRQ's subscribe to good vibes only with zero tolerance for drama and negativity.
Drew's Sugar Rush Queens love and support Drew unconditionally and commit to being there when he needs them the most.
by KatieShark July 23, 2021