January 27th is the one day of the year that goddesses are born. They always want other people to be happy and don't focus on them selves. They are truly Beautiful. the people who are born on January 27th should always be happy, because they are the nicest, sweetest, most beautiful girls in the world.
January 27th is the day that god gives us gifts of beauty.
by rys guy October 31, 2019
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National fuck your bestie day.
A day where you can fuck your best friend all day whether it's a girl or boy.
Y/n-*grabs by neck*
Bestie- yo wtf!

Y/n- its January 27th! Fuck your bestie day!!
by Alexis_playz9 January 23, 2021
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National tell a girl she’s pretty day! Go tell her
Hey it’s January 27th and i think you’re gorgeous.
by wugmdstipuitbt January 27, 2021
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January 27 is the day you go to the mall with your single friends and celebrate that you don't have relationship problems
-------:Why are all of us her except (Girl who has boyfriend)?
You: Because it January 27th!
You: Today is the day where we celebrate being single!
by ARYALBH22 December 15, 2021
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Is the day when gangsters and roadmen from all gangs and possies join together and have a laugh, all beef, war, and conflict stops with gangs on this day.
Can’t wait till the 27th january
by DeimosZ June 5, 2021
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The day all the handsome and cool kids where born
Is he born on 27th januari?
Yes why?
Beacause he's handsome and cool!
by Niggea42069 December 14, 2019
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