Usually easy going, smart,sweet,caring, and very understanding. Life of the party,lots of fun to be around.
We always have a good time hanging out with Bobbie.
by B.D.P February 4, 2010
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Bobbie is a girl with an amazing mind and an even better heart. Not only is she kind and sweet, but she's also beautiful. She's talented in more than one ways and is as close to perfect as it gets. I love her, just like everyone else does. She makes friends easily and is extremely loyal. She is my best friend, and I'm in love with her.

*lesbian for Bobbie*
DAAYYYUUUMMM. Did you just see that Bobbie? She's bangin'!!!
by Bobbie's Barbie May 29, 2011
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a really awesome lady that's very bright and extremely sassy. She pretty much knows everything that's going on. She's got natural talent at everything and she gets hit on all the time.
by canoturkey February 3, 2010
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Sexy, Exotic, One of a kind.

Every girl wants to be her best friend.



Someone you need in your life.
Everybody needs a "Bobbie" in their life.
by Anonymos's February 6, 2010
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Sex goddess. Sometimes shy, and won't sleep around, but if you manage to get her, she's insane in bed. You want to hug her 'cause her boobs are huge. You may see her knitting, but she'll be making hand cuffs or bathing suits, not sweaters (if it's a sweater, it'll probably be pretty revealing some how). She will reward you greatly if you're honest, but she'll know if you're not. You want a relationship with her because she's not just great in bed, shes also great to talk to.
Boy1: dude! I have a date with Bobbie!!
Boy2: lucky! You better not mess that up! Bobbies are fantastic!
by Awesomemcrad June 25, 2011
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Bobbie: A frozen yogurt stick. When you take a yogurt squeezer and freeze it in its package it is now called a "Bobbie."
Origination: Gogurts had a Sponge Bob Square Pants themed design and the name was shortened and used to ask for the frozen yogurt treat.

Usually eaten by children during summer months when it is hot for a snack or treat in place of ice cream. Great for teething babies.
Can I have a bobbie for desert?"

You can't have a cookie but if you eat all your dinner you can have a bobbie!
by Becks46 October 9, 2013
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A very special person who i am thinking about right this moment... and last moment... and the moment before that... and i know in the next few moments... this gorgeous person will still me on my mind. gosh i love him.
by PotteryBarn July 1, 2010
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