(for those under 30 years old) An intransitive verb indicating a negative state of affairs. Could be poor performance, bad weather, illness, general dislike, or any of innumerable negative thoughts.

(for those over 30 years old) Always a transitive verb. Colloquially used as shorthand for suck dick with noun dick understood. Synonymous with blow and bite. Used as an insult; indicates homosexuality.
(under 30) Cracka 1: Hey did you see the Simpson's last night? Bart said his father sucks!!!
Cracka 2: So, what's your point?

(over 30) Son: Gee dad, I don't want to do my homework. Math sucks.
Father: You're grounded for a week, you perverted little delinquent. And wash your mouth out with soap.
by cunning_linguist February 03, 2006
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Not necessarily lacking in talent but expressing a general distaste for something or someone obnoxious, dull, detestable, abhorrent, etc.
The Steelers suck more than my new Hoover.

Not to confuse 'suck' with 'blow' as in: The Steelers blew like a third world prostitute.
by SA - The Indian Princess February 06, 2006
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A term refering to the vacuming by a female, to a males reproductive organs
by socker1001 March 03, 2009
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Used as a taunt, usually after a mistake, defeat or error in a competition initiated by a hearty bring it! Such as:
Player: Bring it!
LAN AI: If you insist...
*LAN AI misses only chance to shoot and kill Player*
Player: Suck!
by the_shadow_on_the_wall November 10, 2006
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