(Also known as Blow Job)

The action of the man's genitalia being placed into the partner's mouth and sucked.
"Ah Jane gives such a good Suck Fuck."
by meeeeowwwwwmeowmeow August 28, 2009
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To Suck Fuck, verb.

When you suck so bad at something that "Suck Ass" or "Suck Dick" aren't enough.
Bro, let me spread the butter, you Suck Fuck at that shit.
by Danku-Kun September 30, 2020
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To eat pussy that contains cum(the result of a fuck)
He screwed her brains out, the got down to suck fuck.
by TheAddict October 27, 2003
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something just completely sucks.
Bob said,"I got grounded last night."
Then I said,"That sucking fucks."
by Ty W. March 22, 2008
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When something sucks really bad.
"God this class really sucks fuck"
by Katie Tran December 21, 2003
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Inverse of "fucking sucks". Open to other interpretations.
All this rain "sucking fucks"!
by AshenPrincess July 22, 2007
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When your friend promises to hang out with you but can't stop making out with their significant other that you, for some reason, agreed to have along...
"Dude, are we gonna go get pizza or what?!"
"Yeah, just gimme a minute... *squelch*"
"Well you two are playin' Suck Fuck Goose over there..."
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