When you take a sentence or phrase that someone has said (possibly an insult) and twist it back around to insult or threaten them.

Sometimes extremely funny, other times extremly lame. Lame when you just switch the subject (Example 1) and ultra-hilarious when used against figures of authority (Example 2).
1. Cody: Henry, your entire family is gay.
Henry: No, your entire family is gay!

2. Mr. Kostick: Nate, move to the other side of the room. Leave Aric alone, he actually has ambition of passing this class.
Nate Godin: I have ambition of throwing a chair at your head.
Anthony: Good inversion, Nathan. (Not actually said)
by Anthony St.Pierre June 7, 2006
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a form of the alphabet where it is inverted half way through

a b c d e f g h i j k l m
z y x w v u t s r q p o n

so a=z g=t s=h

the result is always in capitals
with inversion colin becomes XLORM
by XLORM December 28, 2011
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Shorthand for the Inclusion and Diversity groups, strategy, departments in corporations and organizations
I really enjoyed the lecture salary equality, sponsored by the Inversity Department.
by superdaisy September 10, 2020
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When the penis, due to cold or extreme revulsion, retreats back into the body. An uber soft-on.
That Noelene bitch is so ugly she gave me an inversion. My dick's in hiding!
by CountFistula July 15, 2005
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the act of making something something inverted.

synonym: inverting
the groom went up the aisle in his stunning white dress to meet his bride in her handsome tuxedo . "well that was an inversal of my gender expectations..."
by mamatechnician May 31, 2018
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a y=2x+1 bootie! It goes towards the center of her body. It is either so flat that it makes her neck, back, and knees connect or it is never seen by the eye when she has leggins on.
Her ass is so flat is isnt even visible. INVERSE OPTIE DOE.....
by mdharia15 October 5, 2014
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