Subsequence is considered as a consequence, or result of action. In case when it is "subsequently"- adverb, this exactly means in consequence of the action that is done.
He hit his chief, subsequently he would pay a price for what he had done.
by Tokki April 05, 2014
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A wipe of the ass that usually takes place an hour or more after the actual crap because you didn't get it all the first time. Typically it is undertaken because of extreme discomfort resulting from residue that festers between ass cheeks.
I took a big dump right after I birdied the third hole, but had to go back for a subsequent wipe after number 11 because my ass was on fire!
by Genius455 November 30, 2009
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When someone has very little ambition to expand their vocabulary, they end up repeating a word or phrase too many times in a sentence. Its different from Pleonasm in the way that pleonasm pertains to one subject in a sentence. SLRS
just happens when a person is being a complete fucking idiot.
Subsequent Loop of Redundant Statements - "so my boyfriend was gonna be all like going to the store 2 buy a fifth and then I was all like grab some cigs too and then he was all like bitch I don't get paid till thursday"
by thefirstzappafan1 October 24, 2011
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A subsequence is a subway foot long, that is divided into 4 sections. It is subsequently covered in 4 gallons of pure mayonnaise and slathered in four buckets of the finest lube known to man.
The man slid a subsequence inside of his footlong.
by Sub2002 July 03, 2021
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