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A youtube monstrosity & an insult to actual programmers everywhere. This kid develops a nonsense gui in visual basic to detect a couple of md5 hashes of what appears to be an obscure definition of viruses. It features checkboxes and radio buttons that have no other functions but to just sit there and waste pixels on your screen.
mrnoobwarrior - "shut up u fag, I make av u cant so shut up your jealous"
by thefirstzappafan1 August 18, 2011
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When someone has very little ambition to expand their vocabulary, they end up repeating a word or phrase too many times in a sentence. Its different from Pleonasm in the way that pleonasm pertains to one subject in a sentence. SLRS
just happens when a person is being a complete fucking idiot.
Subsequent Loop of Redundant Statements - "so my boyfriend was gonna be all like going to the store 2 buy a fifth and then I was all like grab some cigs too and then he was all like bitch I don't get paid till thursday"
by thefirstzappafan1 October 24, 2011
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