a term created by the r/selfharmpics, the proper term is the dermis, the layer above hypodermis (fat) and below the epidermis (outer layer, does not bleed).

"styro" refers to Styrofoam, as someone once said the white layer (dermis) looks like Styrofoam.
"I finally hit styro"
"make sure to bandage it"
by Gallion May 24, 2018
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A Long Self-Induced Cut, to release blood. Usually shallow, the cut is only deep enough to bleed.
My mother caught me doing Styros on my arm last night. Im so grounded.
by Korokyama April 6, 2021
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dayum styro is a leet mother fucker his awp is insaneeeeeeeee
by Styro January 9, 2005
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Referring to something or someone that is cool or crazy
Omg that’s so styro
“That was styro asf
by shemma watins November 26, 2021
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the fat layer under skin , it looks like styrofoam , self harm slang
they hit styro for the first time
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A game in which players try to keep a styrofoam cup in the air. Mostly played by extremely bored teenagers.
Dude, we've got twenty minutes 'til class starts! Break out that cup and let's play some styro-slap!
by A Bored Teenager February 11, 2007
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Another permutation of nub--a collective or singular noun to refer to people, places, ideas or things that are particularly nubby, nubtastic, nubtageous, usw. Derived from "nub stylez."

Also, nub styros can be acceptably substituted for another common nub adjective, nub sauce.
2. "Dude, yer p\/\/z0r3d to das max. Totally nub styros. And proud thereof."
by Barge Master Bill July 1, 2004
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