Nobody has escaped from the game of Touhou. NOBODY
by ItsNoob February 27, 2016
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A series of danmaku shooting games made by one guy under the name ZUN. He is worshiped as a God on many image boards who view his work as some of the best shit ever.

Basically the game involves you flying around as a loli dodging bullets of many a color (blood red, royal blue, cum bubble white, etc.) while laying the beat down on other lolis who want to destroy you for their own personal gain. Usually.

Touhou is popular mainly because of the HUGE amount of fan works and shit other people put out for it, doujins, fan games, and even a trading card game. Tons of inside jokes revolve around the series and charicters and a lot of it is frowned upon outside the small circle of fans by people calling players and fans of the game "pedophiles" and "touhoutards" /a/ and /v/ boards on 4chan say they hate it but only because the majority of them suck nuts at it.

There is a Touhou Wiki and a deticated Touhou image board on Wakachan.
"I can't get past Touhou 8: Imperishable night stage 4 on easy guys." -typical /a/ poster.
"lulz, go back to tetris." -Typical /a/ troll. (Usually sucks at Touhou as well.)
by [DoA] Shunt October 16, 2007
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A game created by zun, a game with mythical creatures aka Yōkais but the creatures appeared as cute girls that shoots spell cards and have other abilities. Reimu, the main character, the shrine maiden has to defeat them by throwing balls at them too along with talismans.
I love touhou music! They are so unique!
In touhou, Marisa defeated youmu with her bagua.
by Ghosthatche August 28, 2018
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One of the best games of all time with characters who you'll definitely love.
Dude 1: Dude, but Touhou's so 2015 why the hell you still pla-
Dude 2, holding Aya Shameimaru body pillow and gun: Let's not get too rough now
by December 11, 2020
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A far right pipeline and government psyop designed to make me sexually attracted to older women.

In some of my case studies, I have noted an inverse effect, where the subject becomes attracted to minors, or in extreme cases, attracted to miners.

It is quite curious as to what aspect of the franchise actually appeals to those of a political disposition known as “far right”
“Exposure to touhou has made me desire women over the age of 90 who simultaneously happen to be coal miners” -Nikolaos Folountous

“What” -Bruce von Sheklestein XVII
*Bruce immediately fled the scene, pondering what in the almighty lords name he had just heard*
by Dave_Der_Fuhrer September 21, 2023
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an absolutely goated series made by zun or jun'ya ota with lesbian people dodging balls and lazers and projectiles in a very lesbian way and banger music and very juicy fanart
Person 1: Hey brother, what's this "Touhou" I've been hearing from you?

Person 2: ...Nothing.
by Otohina April 22, 2023
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