1.types of wears of music.
2.jungle loving white bitch in movies
1.kooooo styles homie
2.i hate that styles bitch
by CHICO July 30, 2003
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used to express good news. an expression of agreement.
erin® says:
....and the boss is leaving. woo!
d-low says:
by d-low November 26, 2003
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1 different ways in which something can be done, said, or thought.
2 an infatuation among young people who wish to create "their own style". considered utterly useless by NORMAL-AGED people, who insist all should share one uniform style. essentially, the cause of every war.
Man: i got slick shoes brotha and some kicks and shit man, and yo, its tight brotha
Man #2: that man has STYLE!
by pat July 13, 2003
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to play someone while in a relationship of some sort
homegirl: this boy tried to style on me.. if only he knew i been styled on his ass
me: smh
by IGotKnowledge June 06, 2018
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