A word that can be used in the place of virtually any verb.
Man, that chick just styled my package.

I styled the vaders when I went to the beach on Sunday.

I was hungry, so I styled some pizza.
by citrix October 18, 2004
a brother walkin thru the neighborhood, unknown to most inhabitants, but walkin and dressin sharp
man, that cat must be styles, he's stylin thru the hood like coolio
by hardy July 16, 2003
guy who wrote that "I get high" song. Formerly a member of The Lox.

Styles P says "I get high, high , high (every day) I get high high high (all the time) I get high high high high hhhhiiiiiigggghhh.
by Insider July 17, 2003
The way in which a jaded girlfriend who has just become the victim of an unfaithful boyfriend "hits 'em up" by spending large amounts of money on frivolous, superficial material possesions
Hey ladies. When your man goes and gets buck wild, just go 'head and hit 'em up style!
by Iamsiam23xc September 12, 2007
when you absolutely demolish someone or something with zero effort or thought, usually said to confirm dominance over someone who is salty about losing
gamer 1; "bro wtf, that fight was not even close to fair! you didn't even let me get my items equipped!"

gamer 2; "styled on lmao"
by Biggy R (red) January 18, 2022
When someone who considers themselves to not have "style" sees something and decides, that even if they did have style, that would not be it.
Friend 1: I could totally see you wearing that!
Friend 2: No way. That is definitely my not style.
by Grace Olivia March 29, 2021