Japanese slang for figure/psysique.
"That cute guy has great style."

"She has no style, she's like a stick."

"I'm not into big style, I like my men trim."
by Allaiyah June 24, 2004
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Having your own distinct verision of graffiti. Only real Kings got style, not punk toy biter faggots. Style keeps all throws and pieces real n dope. You can spot and smell style from a block away.
Man the bombing on that train has got maaaad style!
by Enter your name here August 02, 2003
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style is the way u dress carry urself n look
when ders a gilr walking n shes dressed really nicely n shes beautiful u would say

"she is so style"
by Laura March 11, 2004
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the attitude or self image portrade in a certain gang or group belonging to.
missy:yo, wuz ur style gurl?
marie:im representing tha HORI STYLES
by jordan July 27, 2003
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