Oh man, he has styles when it comes to rollin' blunts...
by Mo July 31, 2003
The Manu styles, The filo stlyes, The Bula styles.

The Styles started in New Zealand, at CCC. The styles are a very important part of New Zealand culture

The Styles:
When someone says or does something fresh.
When Jamison busts out the moves
When Kenneth gets hit by a bus
When someone falls down the stairs
When Jeremy strolls into the room
The CCC Common room styles
Playing basketball and touch every lunchtime
When BROZ says anything
When Simon Wilson comes to school
When a Yellow (banana) car drives passed
VD (Vin Diesel), Jamieson, Kenneth, "fresh dudes", INTERGRATED VS OUTERGRATED, BROZ.
When Jamieson walks up and cries the Samoan yell that kinda' goes like this: DOOOOAHHHH!
When Jamieson and Kenneth stroll around school, (the styles)
Jamieson says something funny, thats the styles!
Jeremy IS the styles
When Tamatea and Vinni bully Karl
When someone says "honest to who?", "to who but?", "honest?" or "don't tell me"
Icing someone or gasing someone
by Tanielu BROZ May 7, 2009
Super hot and usually the best boyfriend ever. He's also a great friend. If you find a guy like styles, you better keep em. He's amazing.
Person: "hey, have you seen styles?"
Person: "yeah, he's super hot. Anyone would be lucky to date him."
by Jeoskkebd d March 14, 2017
to be wearing an outfit or to dress in a mismatched,individual interesting and ultimately fashoinable and attractive way.first heard in bolivar ohio.
that sweater vest and oversized hat are rather styling.
by bo peep August 19, 2005
To pass or to hand an object out of reach of the requester. Said with gratitude but also a hint of indifference. Origin: late 80s Vancouver.
"Style me that pen. No, not that one. The blue one."
by Presuming Ed February 2, 2008
A word frequently associated with street basketball meaning keen ability in controlling the ball via various dribbling move and tricks.
Damn see that boy dribble? He has mad styles!
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
someone who knows how to walk "the" walk and talk the talk and dress really well and funky and just really knows whats going down.
Hey girl he has soooooooo much style. You should go talk to him.
by MC STYLE January 30, 2003