1. Impressive stylishness in appearance or behavior.

2. High Class.

3. Rich in appearance or behavior.
The new CLA Benz is pretty chateau for just 30k.
by Kreziwill September 28, 2013
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To be extremely drunk whilst retaining a classy demeanor: especially when one is drinking expensive wine.
Comes from the French word Chateau meaning a large house or mansion usually with grounds, gardens and often it's own vineyard.
Pierre: "Oh Buffy, this '78 Bordeaux is fabulous!"
Buffy: "Oh yes Pierre, I've had 3 bottles already...(hits floor)."
Pierre: "Well, looks like Buffy is chateaued."
by Nurse! June 21, 2006
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your, their house. usually referenced for sex. often used in rap songs

,sleep in today at the chateau’
you wanna take it to the chateau?
by wtfmina February 3, 2019
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To change someone else's PC desktop settings while they are away, such as by changing the color scheme or background (often to the absurd "Chateau" bitmap that comes with Windows 2000 and later). Used in office environments as a mild prank and a friendly (or not-so-friendly) reminder to lock one's workstation when away.

Also extends to more malicious pranks, including sending emails posing as the victim, etc.
Look, Jeff left his computer unlocked again. Let's chateau him.
by Blandon February 25, 2006
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"White Castle" translated into french. Used to trick your date into thinking they'll be given the "wine and dine" experience when you're really planning on offering cheap, greasy onion rings. Might work to your advantage if your date has a sense of humor.
I told her I was gonna take her to chateau blanc. The look on her face was priceless as we walked into white castle, overdressed for the occasion, and ordered a crave case.
by shaggyDA November 14, 2011
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A classy term referring to cheap cask wine, goon.
Student 1: What you gonna drink Saturday night?

Student 2: Thought I'd fork out for some some Chateau Cardboard.
by Morticia Cadaver May 4, 2009
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White Boy party house.Bachelor pad used for partyin and fuckin.
That lucky motherfucker has himself a honky chateau!
by Mike Boschini June 3, 2005
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