variation of struggle
when you just want to die
when you fail at everything
by TiggyShiggy March 08, 2018
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When a guy and girl snuggle with only pants on; shirtless snuggling
having no shirts on, they proceeded to stuggle on the couch
by AKGD September 01, 2011
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When two people snuggle in the standing position. This is done by nestling in the others shoulders and holding tightly in a comfortable way.
I love you so much, I'll stuggle you anywhere.

We got caught in the moment and stuggled for over an hour in the kitchen.
by Sten Vario May 24, 2021
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The advanced art of snuggling with your significant other while studying simultaneously; is a popular activity among college students and other academics; can often lead to disregard for the intellecual matter and an emphasis on sexual activity amongst the stugglers.
Where's Austin?

In the common room, stuggling with Simone.
by klassygurl13 January 31, 2011
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when a boyfriend and a girlfriend get together to study and end up snuggling instead.
Guy: Let's studdy.
Girl: Why, we'll just stuggle.
by shitfarm November 30, 2007
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verb; the inability to know an outcome; lack of clarity; uncertainty;
In a fit of rage, Janet's stuggle led her to mass murder.
by SkipMc August 18, 2006
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