"he nestled into her heavng bosom"
by lila & set December 30, 2004
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An evil company that believes water is not a human right.
Nestle should be raided as a test run before area 51
by Random F. F. Dent July 16, 2019
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To settle or lie within or against something in a comfortable way
The fox nestled his head against the bear's shoulder
by Teh Fawks July 28, 2010
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Nestle is an evil corporation with hopes of owning child labour camps. The most famous things that they make are Nesquik, Tollhouse, and Milo. You can't go around Africa without seeing Nestle. THAT'S A FACT.
News Person: Nestle says water isn't a human right. They also own slave labour camps.
My friend: -Drinking Nestle water and wearing a t-shirt saying I love Nestle-
Me: WOW.
by THEFLESHGUY February 2, 2021
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Finding the perfect spot to rest your head on your girlfriend's breasts.
Woin rested his head on Koaty's tits while stoned. A glazed look of contentment and security overcame his face. And he was nestled.
by Woin and Koaty August 29, 2013
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to rub and caress two necks against each other whilst bent at a 90 degree angle.
Jack had a special talent for nestling with his brother. As they bent over and nestled, It really showed their love on a physical connection.
by SHAM GOD21 June 22, 2017
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what the fuck.i recently saw bottled water made by the brand nestle.don't they make chocolate?what is the world coming to?
person 1: is that chocolate milk?
person 2: no dumbass its bottled water
person 1: the fucking bottle says nestle.they make chocolate.u know the chocolate powder with the creepy bunny on the side?its calld nesquik.
person 2: fuck
by castrovalleytrojans July 11, 2009
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