The feeling one gets when they have eaten so much they can hardly breathe, let alone move.

Generally when one is such a greedy shite, they put every pie eating contest in the world to shame.

This can quite often lead to a food coma for days, and possibly weeks depending on the greasiness and quantities of the food consumed.
(Ex) Husband: Wife, I am stuffocated.

Me (under my breath): That's because you ate the whole buffet out you fat bastard. Go sleep it off for a week or so. I am so embarrassed.... Can I move countries? PLEASE?
by Angeliana Ondarian May 09, 2017
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when you have clearly eaten to much, then eat some more, to the point of being so stuffed that you feel stuffocated
dude, i ate all that good food, then i found the dessert table and just had to eat more, now i feel stuffocated
by bazookle September 05, 2011
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