Studio can be an act in which one person is pretending to be or do something they usually won’t, like faking or fronting. Acting studio can also mean something seen, done, or said was cool or awesome. Studio can also be used as a seal of approval, like a good outfit, a scene in a movie, or even a car.
“I heard Josh was drunk at the club and got it shakin with security last night”
“He’s studio bro, he probably did that in front of the bitches.”
by Tommybunz April 23, 2021
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A group of wanna-be game developers that can't accomplish in 5 years what '80s game developers were accomplishing in less than an hour. The term "Wildcard Studio" is typically used to describe fat idiots who waste peoples' time with extremely glitchy "early access" video games that have been out for 5 years and suck turkey ass.
Bob: Hey, have you tried playing that game by Wildcard Studio?

Me: Fuck no, Bob, they suck turkey ass.
by ArkSucks August 28, 2019
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the editing studios that kracc bacc uses to make his videos
first get obamium, charge calculator with obamium, then download from bacc studios app store
by kevin is nice lmao December 30, 2020
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The greatest mainstream animation studio of our generation, headed by the greatest animator of our time, Hayao Miyazaki.

Has consistently produced works that all uphold the studio's foundation of creative artistry and story-telling.
Unfortunately, it is shadowed by the American powerhouses Pixar/Disney, who have mastered the art of creating family-friendly films and entertainment, but nonetheless lack an emotional/narrative appeal.

Studio Ghibli is dedicated purely to the arts and narrative behind each story. It is known for its sentimental appeal and beautiful traditional animation, not focusing on entertainment.


Studio Ghibli can only be summed up as the place where the only real bit of magic has moved, after the downfall of the "magic" of Disney into the 2000's.

The magic of a pencil, not a computer, the beauty of a well-crafted story, and the sacredness of art above mass-appeal, this is what Studio Ghibli believes in.

Studio Ghibli is magic.

beautiful computer animation
mass appeal
masterful money generator/Oscar nabber

lack of meaningful themes or remembrance of film


owns Pixar now
famed for beautiful animation, but since long gone

Studio Ghibli:

-dedicated to art, not entertainment
-known for themes like individualism, environmentalism, feminism, friendship,etc., rather than exclusively love
-known for powerful narrative/story-telling, not entertainment
by Animation_1 December 30, 2011
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A now-defuncted video game company which was, in the end, purchased by an aggressive bidding by EA Games/Electronic Arts. They created games that impressed players and critics alike, such as Command & Conquer, Nox, Lands of Lore, and Dune. Their last known game was Command & Conquer: Renegade(2002).
"Man, it's too bad EA bought out Westwood Studios."
"Yeah. . . I was hoping for a Red Alert 3 or Tiberian Twilight."
by Joseph D. Collins May 30, 2005
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Gacha studio is a game created by a company called lunime where children make anime characters and use those anime characters to make stories in studio mode. The most common (and cliché) stories include the hated child, the hated child who became a princess, the hybrid hated child and last but not least my bully loves me.
Kid: Im gonna make a story on gacha studio
Me: What's it gonna be called?
Kid: The hybrid hated child who became a savage ice princess!
by NoSleepOnWensdays September 27, 2018
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Brooklyn studio is A school for the gifted and talent much like Your average New York Americano juvy center where only the best of the best get to experience the luxury of toilets filled with little notes to bring you joy such as “ if you take a tinkle, make sure you don’t sprinkle, god bless and don’t make a mess” . Filled with top of the notch air conditioniners who just aren’t able to reach the actual outlet so they can’t be turned on but hey they work, trust me. Studio is a great place to make friends, everyone knows everyone, but remember don’t say anything cause like seriously don’t talk, cause one thing leads to another and the whole school be pulling up to MCdonalds to slap box. Also if your looking for a career in fame then this school is sure for you, we’re on the news everyday, from the daily cops just pulling up to say hi, to being pasted front cover on the Citizen app trust me everyone will know you that’s for sure. Lastly remember don’t Juul it ain’t cool, u might just get caught in the back staircase smelling like a whole watermelon and get sent home with pink eye just for the hell of it. Finally remember no matter what to try and stay dry... swipe ur ID and welcome to studio.
Brooklyn studio is a school located in Bensonhurst to fit your every need
by Studio February 11, 2019
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