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The greatest mainstream animation studio of our generation, headed by the greatest animator of our time, Hayao Miyazaki.

Has consistently produced works that all uphold the studio's foundation of creative artistry and story-telling.
Unfortunately, it is shadowed by the American powerhouses Pixar/Disney, who have mastered the art of creating family-friendly films and entertainment, but nonetheless lack an emotional/narrative appeal.

Studio Ghibli is dedicated purely to the arts and narrative behind each story. It is known for its sentimental appeal and beautiful traditional animation, not focusing on entertainment.


Studio Ghibli can only be summed up as the place where the only real bit of magic has moved, after the downfall of the "magic" of Disney into the 2000's.

The magic of a pencil, not a computer, the beauty of a well-crafted story, and the sacredness of art above mass-appeal, this is what Studio Ghibli believes in.

Studio Ghibli is magic.

beautiful computer animation
mass appeal
masterful money generator/Oscar nabber

lack of meaningful themes or remembrance of film


owns Pixar now
famed for beautiful animation, but since long gone

Studio Ghibli:

-dedicated to art, not entertainment
-known for themes like individualism, environmentalism, feminism, friendship,etc., rather than exclusively love
-known for powerful narrative/story-telling, not entertainment
by Animation_1 December 30, 2011
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Springflower's Favorite Studio
Alex: What is the best things
Others: Russian Hardbass
Springflower: Studio Ghibli
Alex: Studio Ghibli is kind of good
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by Hyebun1 May 15, 2021
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