when you are preganant you have an ant in your stomach and it is growing to become a huge ant and take over the world. if you are preganant (preg- an- an-ant), you are 1/82375923586586836583. i hope this will never happen to you. to get preganant, you have to eat the toe juices of a far off cattle monster. and the chances of actually getting preganant instead of farting a frog is, 1/979195791.
she went to Afraney to get preganant.
by OFOROR April 20, 2019
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Life before being vegan.
Bacon was one of my favorite pregan foods.
by themindset October 12, 2010
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Preganant is a women who is pregnant but her IQ is very low for instance (My husband had sex with me, so am I preganant??) These women are either non American or they just have lower IQ's than average women or often a man can use the word preganant, which means his IQ is low.
by KinqXOX January 11, 2018
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A person who arrives early at informal office gatherings to chow down on
free cake, cookies and other snacks. (See freegan and vegan.)
Ray developed a reputation as the office pregan, frequently stopping by going-away-gatherings in the conference room 30 minutes early to scoop up free cookies and coffee before anyone else arrived.
by Eagan Man July 11, 2008
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Someone who was vegan before the second wave modern veganism
I'm a Pregan.
by young mad hatter May 7, 2018
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