Monolithic games company which acquires talent instead of breeding it.

1. Responsible for shipping their games with crippling DRM.

2. Most of their games are souless cloneless advertising vehicles regurgitated at least once a year, every year.
Guy1 - Hey, reinstalled Spore on your new PC yet?
Guy2 - No, EA Games fucked me

Guy1 - Hey, reinstalled Red Alert 3 on your new PC yet?
Guy2 - No, EA Games fucked me

Guy1 - Hey, fancy a game of FIFA2009?
Guy2 - Nah, how about FIFA2008?
Guy1 - I don't have that, how about FIFA2007?
by SnoreMonster April 3, 2009
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To Unlock Sentence about EA Games: Pay
40 Dollars
by My little Pseudonym June 29, 2019
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a team of game "devs" that don't make their own games and can barely run a support service without the community's help. These faggots could be your friend or your dad and they love adding unwanted and unneeded DLC.
The cunts at EA Games ran battlefield series to the ground because they like men and money
EA adds unneeded DLC to madeen or something

EA likes to watch porn at work
by DADIS D IN ME July 21, 2020
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Someone who steals from you with micro transactions.
Man EA Games stole from me yet again.
by The smort dude October 23, 2020
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EA Games (electronic assholes) is a horrible game company that if pure evil. They are trying to monopolize the gaming market, and since there games are so poor, they pump out tons of games each month. They put advertisment in videogames to make cash, and there watermark pisses off all the gamers. They don't even support there games much anymore.
EA Games is so stupid. They delayed Superman:Returns for months saying they delayed it so that the game can have the best quality for people. Ironic, that once it came out. The game got an F 4/10 on most gaming sites.
by Danny Nguyen January 16, 2007
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Ea games is a pay to win game that makes you buy shit to win .buy them or you will sleep forever tonight....
by Ur a fat smelly nonce August 12, 2018
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