This term is an abbreviation for the phrase "Funny At The Time." It implies that a joke just made might've been FATT, but definitely has no humor now. It is somewhat insulting, and therefore, should only be used to describe the jokes of people you don't like.
(person 1)...So then she said, "Dude, where's the syrup?" LOL!!! HA HA HA!!

(person 2)um...look, I'm sure it was, back to what I was saying...
by Lochland May 10, 2006
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A joke or story that was thought once told to be hilarious but was really only "Funny At The Time".
That sad story was FATT "funny at the time".
by George Myers December 27, 2006
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a girl who is of the obese variety
"nicole goodman is really fatt"

"omfg, i know !"
by HYPHY HYPHY September 30, 2007
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å forstå noe - å fatte noe
stavanger slang
person-(forklaring) fatte?
meg-ja eg fatte
eg fatte/fatta
du fatte/fatta
de fatta
me fatta/fatte
har fatta

igår fatta eg
by s4u2c0k my toe March 16, 2019
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