The result of a man ejaculating into a woman’s vagina when she’s on her period and has a yeast infection.
- Hey, since I just raw dogged you on your period, does that mean we made a strawberry milkshake?
- Close! It’s strawberry yogurt cause I got a yeast infection too.
- That’s nasty
by theoxfordcomma October 10, 2018
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When a girl has her first time and is bleeding while over flowing with sperm from her vagina
Charles: I never thought keely was a virgin
Mike : well shes not after she had a Strawberry Yogurt
by Yleek January 11, 2012
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when you have received a cut in the inside of your urethra and when you cum it’s pink
i had morning wood today so i busted a quicky and since i’d shoved a pencil in my dick earlier this week, i ended up with strawberry yogurt
by funguspancake March 15, 2020
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When you creampie your girl after barebacking a street hooker and finish in her, the pairing of chlamydia and your semen combines to make a strawberry yogurt looking liquid that has now caused her to get chlamydia as well.
Damian: Bounce that ass back baby
Emily: Ohh yasss, creampie me 😛
Damian: Awww shiii I'm boutta bust I'm boutta bust I'm boutta bust
Damian: Awwww hell nawww, my jizz pink
Emily: Yummy strawberry yogurt, *eats*
Damian: Nawww that's expired strawberry yogurt honey
by Samuelthehoe August 11, 2022
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