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When you creampie your girl after barebacking a street hooker and finish in her, the pairing of chlamydia and your semen combines to make a strawberry yogurt looking liquid that has now caused her to get chlamydia as well.
Damian: Bounce that ass back baby
Emily: Ohh yasss, creampie me 😛
Damian: Awww shiii I'm boutta bust I'm boutta bust I'm boutta bust
Damian: Awwww hell nawww, my jizz pink
Emily: Yummy strawberry yogurt, *eats*
Damian: Nawww that's expired strawberry yogurt honey
by Samuelthehoe August 11, 2022
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The sexual act of a threesome involving two black males and 1 white female. This sexual position involves one of the black males penetrating the female's ass/vagina and the other getting deepthroated.
"Terrance, Clarrissa and I did an oreo at the back of the local orphanage."
"Bro, that's so cool, but I don't remember asking."
by Samuelthehoe February 11, 2020
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The one schoolgirl who can't get out of peoples feet. She has a foot fetish and will not stop licking your toes and until she gets to go on her knees and slide on something else, known as your penis.
Bro, fucking Lucia is such a sock thot, she kept on going for my feet and then sucked my dick!
by Samuelthehoe February 11, 2020
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The act of being tossed around like a dirty cum sock between the KKK members as they take turns gangbanging you before finishing in a jar. Whoever lasts the shortest period of time has to drink this entire jar of delicious warm beverage.
Deshaun: "Bro I got caught by the OPs last night and they took turns pounding on me, turns out they were playing Ku Cum Klan and one of the niggas started drinking my load, was kinda kinky"
by Samuelthehoe August 11, 2022
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The type of guy who is always addicted to jacking off. Always the horny bastard of the gang, he used his data to watch porn and is the provider of some of the hottest porn videos.
Yo, that dude jacking off over there is Jack
Oi! Jack! Stop fucking jacking off again!
by Samuelthehoe February 11, 2020
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