(Verb) Standing and stranded. Left hopeless. Used most often with cars that come to a standstill, and leave you stranded.
My PT Cruiser left me stranding on the highway again.
Don't ever leave me stranding in the line again. Ever.
by Mixo October 2, 2010
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A sexual act that involves any gender combination of three participants. It requires the middle partner, the designated "Strand", to strap on two dildos (only if female) and align one in the basic front position and the other hanging off their ass. The "Strand then proceeds to fuck both participants doggystyle with alternating thrusts. This move is usually employed by gingers.
deryk, " did you hear alex went stranding last night?"

houstan, " good for him"

Deryk," He was the designated strand"
by the1savior January 13, 2011
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To be stuck on the toilet bowl without no roll.
Stranded... stuck on the toilet bowl 'cause you ain't got no roll... to prove you're a man you must wipe it with your hand!
by His Royal Throbness July 13, 2005
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Incorrect wording of strain, eg. a strain of Cannabis.
"I got this bomb strand growing."

"It's a strain you idiot."
by labia_explora September 25, 2013
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In some cases the term stranded is referring to the web series Stranded in L.A.
Me: Did you see the new stranded?
My Friend: I did!
Me: I really did not need to see his balls.
My Friend: Ha!
by J Guy the Great! January 11, 2013
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Being drunk, high, or under the influence of a drug, at a party with no ride home.

Being stuck without a ride late at night while hammered

realizing you have no ride home after getting shitfaced
'I got stranded at that party, and had to walk 2 miles to my house because I was hammered and had no ride."
by gabith November 21, 2011
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