Yeppoon is a crappy small town in Queensland Australia. It is located east of the city of Rockhampton. Teens Predominently goto either St Ursulars college (all girls school for stuck up bitches and dykes, St Brendans(all boys school) for boarders and fags. Or Yeppoon High which consists of stoners, tryhards, preps, jocks and everything in between. Somtimes known as 'poon'.
A Day in the Life of the typical Yeppoon teen Dero(dropkick, stoner, bum)

Teen 1: 'Aww yea' cunt goin down poon' on the weekend to crack some skulls'

Teen 2: 'yea yea cunt' got any smokes?'

Teen 1: 'yea bro $4 each'

Teen 2: 'mad shit cuz ill take 10'

(Teen 1 goes out and buys 5 more packs of smokes)
by Anonymous June 16, 2006
The Yeppoon public high school that is populated by cunts and stoners
Liam: What school do you go to?
Mark: Yeppoon high
Liam: wow ok, you a cunt or a stoner?
by cuntybogan June 12, 2017
n. hot Korean girl who looks like I'd like to f*ck her.
I rolled up to the Hodori at about 2:15 and, to my pleasant surprise, it was crawling with yeppoon yojas.
by F. Rodderick Hsu May 1, 2005
Yeppoon high

I the most stupidest school around

Everyone that goes to this school is a stoner, crack head , wagger, or ends up punching on with a teacher
What’s Yeppoon high?
It’s shit, don’t go there you will only learn to punch on smoke weed and wag!!!
by Mr egghead September 16, 2019