A male who is heterosexual and is attracted to only women
Girl 1: That guy is such a Straight Male
Girl 2: I know right what a "Curtis"
by Helicopterpoonjabber August 30, 2017
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what is a straight male you ask? well, a straight male is like a parasite, only worse. imagine a floating piece of bacteria walking around with invalid opinions that dont matter. well that is in fact a straight male.
straight male? wtf no
by fxctonlybae May 9, 2021
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used to describe a male who is gay but claims to be straight
im a straight male but damn luigi is hot

have you ever regretted making a comment
by yoav the yoshi May 19, 2021
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A homesexual male who lives, works, and thinks he's passing as a straight man. Not to be confused with Metrosexuals who are straight men. These gay men have no queer cultural connection other than having sex with men. They can be bi or even married.
Eugene is a total gay straight male. He and his boyfriend watch football, drink beer, dress like slobs, and have no idea about the big queer world.
by jaysondotcom@hotmail.com April 18, 2007
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a male that is too scared to come out as gay. he makes fun of others and is very homophobic
guy 1: bro it’s pride look at that happy couple
guy 2: nah bro that’s weird i’m super straight male that’s burning my eyes to look at. but your cute tho for saying that no homo
by Ju August 16, 2022
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A straight male who gets penetrated by corn 24/7
Look! Its a straight male gets drilled by corn! What a sight to see!!!
by spooky9099 December 10, 2018
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a group of people which the media associates with the cause of their problems.
SJW: if you are Straight, White, and a Male, then you are literally hitler, and are a disgrace to humanity.
Straight White Males: Hi

by Obamagaming32 December 12, 2020
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