1. a consistent moocher

2. someone who throws their keys into a tree and cannot retrieve them back

3. one who is called pigeon/condor

4. someone who has a bad hair day everyday
Dude don't be a Stovall...get your own food.

Wow man good job on getting your keys stuck up there like Stovall.

Haha look at that Stovall.

Man your hair looks like Stovall.
by hax pex March 6, 2008
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1. A place where fights take place.
2. Somewhere to go when one is bored.
3. Where one can contract STD's
4. A place where there is playground equipment.
Did you hear about that shit that went down at Stovall?
I'm bored...I'll go to Stovall.
Don't go into the bathroom, there is so many Stovall's in there, people are sick!
Come on mommy let's go to Stovall.
by Texasgurlie December 15, 2004
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Get a load of that dude over there he supports communism
His name is Jeff Stovall
by Bean__ May 18, 2019
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When something is so incredibly horrible that it's beyond belief. Something terribly bad. Inspired by the awful work of Donnie Stoval Jr.
"Man, this city is so stoval."

"That stake was stoval. God, I thought I would vomit."
by Aemo January 30, 2005
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