When a man wants to hit all three holes on a woman in a consecutive order.

Running a stoplight: when a woman is for sure into giving head and vaginal intercourse, gave you a hard no on anal but you hit it anyway.
Giovanni got a blowjob from Misty then fucked her pussy, then fucked her ass. He hit all three holes, so he ran the stoplight.
by R.L. Stine August 26, 2018
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A stoplight is spoken when talking to your wingmen about possible hook-ups for the night.
Green Light- The lady is very attractive, and you should not back down from this possible fling.
Yellow Light- This usually is said when the girl is a toss up. Usually she is turned into a green light after a few drinks. But the next morning you will probably regret it.
Red Light- STAY AWAY FROM THIS GIRL!!! She is ugly, std infested, or might have a boyfriend that is a UFC champion that gets jealous really easily.
Phil: Hey Mike. . what color of the Stoplight is the girl standing over by the bar?
Mike: I would say green light! She looks very sexy, and she has a twin!!
by Whitt43 March 30, 2008
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Penetration technique used to facilitate alternating utilization of two female partners vaginal and anal areas.
First female is in the "doggy style" position. Second female is laying on top of the first female in a back to back position. The order from the bottom up will be vagina, anus, anus, vagina. Stoplighting involves penetrating one hole and alternating to another to create a stoplight effect.
by Francis da tank May 4, 2009
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It is texting while stoped at a stoplight.
No officer I wasn’t texting while driving I was stoplighting.
by Babypib March 27, 2019
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adj. awe-inspiring and epic. So epic that one cannot help but not pay attention to that object, much like a stoplight.
1) That touchdown in the last ten seconds of the game was so stoplight that it made me want to become a quarterback!

2) The view at the top of the mountain was so stoplight that it took my breath away.
by rapperT June 17, 2013
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A party where guests wear the the colors of the traffic signal to denote their relationship status: green means they're single, red means they're taken, and yellow means their relationship status is "complicated"
I think we should host a Valentine's Day stoplight party!
by Dave Harris November 4, 2007
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That way you stagger your car at a stoplight so that your window isn't lined up directly with the car next to you so as to avoid awkward eye contact and/or open-window singalongs.
I was sure to do the stoplight stagger so that guy next to me wouldn't hear me singing along with Justin Bieber.
by sixpence June 5, 2012
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