A phrase commonly used in heavly moderated chat rooms to say "kill yourself". Stop breathing is thought of as a nicer way to tell people to leave someone to remove themseleves from existence, less likely resulting in a ban from moderators due to it's vague nature.
Girl 1: Did you hear, Karen is still going around school talking of how you sleep with any thing that has legs? She's posting it all over FB.

Girl 2: SMH, Karen needs to stop breathing asap.
by 2stepsAhead May 1, 2018
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Stop breathing my air is something you say to someone who is a complete waste of space. It is most commonly used when someone has said or done something unbelievably stupid.

"Yo, did you hear about that Hitler guy? Someone needs to stop him!"

(awkward silence)

"Stop breathing my air."
by fairytales November 30, 2007
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Very mean thing to say. It means you want a person dead.
Antonio: ‘haha i ate your mom’
Helen: ‘go commit breath stop
Antonio: *dies*
by Broodzakje October 29, 2019
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