A poker for a Marijuana water pipe. Bong+stoker
Dude, pass me the stong-I can't get a hit.
by Slayerog November 3, 2018
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When somebody tries to spell the word strong but they miss the letter R.
Guy 1: That guy is really stong...... fuck I mean't to say strong.

Guy 2: No you had it right the first time he is really stong.
Guy 1: Shut up!
by TheCuckening April 11, 2019
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1) A stoned stooge.

2) A cross between three stooges type of humour, and cheech and chong style humour.
Look at the Three Stonges over there! They look so stupid!
by Mark McBass September 30, 2017
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Being intoxicated by use of high grade or medicinal marijuana.
Getting stonged is to smoke or ingest marijuana through food. It is sometimes misused in the phrase (stonged up)
by leftoutboy August 20, 2011
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A combination of the words "stun" and "dong," it literally means stunning penis but in practice is more often used in place of the word strong. When used in place of strong, stong either implies an association with or jokingly refers to a stunning penis or implies male dominance in general. Stong is a form of sexual innuendo and can be used as a noun or adjective.
adjective use: "I have a stong pimp hand" implies male dominance whereas the phrase "I have a strong pimp hand" only implies superiority.

literal use: "He wants to show you all his stong."

sexual innuendo: "This statue looks stong" directing the listener to check out the statue's genitals.
by kaw_pro September 30, 2009
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