Someone who in a desperate attempt to appear enlightened on social issues, haphazardly bans and destroys their own merchandise without doing any research on the actual origin of that item.
That Wizard is one heck of a stone thrower. He completely destroyed his own creature!
by VitoG June 10, 2020
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A rabble-rouser who seeks to damage property with rocks.
That stone thrower did a lot of damage to the pizza parlor!
by VitoG June 10, 2020
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those damn stone throwers are always botherin the israeli tanks ya know!!!
by John Smith November 24, 2003
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One who acts without thinking about the consequences one’s action might have on others whose similar action might have on one; one who blames others for the fault which one has oneself.
He is a stone-thrower in the glasshouse. He always parks his car in front of his neighbor’s house (in a style called rockstar parking), blocking the neighbor’s car. What would happen to him if his neighbor also did the same?
by uttam maharjan December 27, 2011
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