Stipid; the superior and far more intense form of stupid.
You're so stupid you're not even stupid - you're stipid.
by winrarftw January 3, 2010
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Believing yourself to be intellectually superior when in reality, you are just a sad, old fool, trolling behind a computer.
"That tosser is the epitome of stipidity."
by not*a*slapper January 8, 2010
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a word used to describe someone who is cool
you’re so stipid!
by isimpfornagitokomaeda July 18, 2021
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stipid a word used to say..

girl: omg im going to make everyone in the k-pop fandom hate me!

i stead of saying that you just say stipid.
girl: *writeing a fanfic* stipid
by stipid writer September 23, 2020
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When your so stupid it’s hard for the human brain to comprehend, so they decided to make the word stipid,
Gamer: Hey your a furry, you lost the war, your so stupi- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s making my brain hurt I can’t even decline it, oh I know, your stipid, die stipid furry

Furry: *crys*
by Mr. Springs Waz Here January 20, 2021
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