An amazing guy. One who accepts everyone no matter what and will always be there for you. Extremly sweet. Definately means the world to one person. :) any idea on who?
Steven is such a cool person.
by randompersonnn September 30, 2009
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Stevens are generally cunts. They are highly opinionated of others and hold themselves in high esteem. It is common for the word 'arsehole' to be used colloquially for people named Steven. Stevens are typically forgetful, and struggle to listen to their significant others due to their all consuming self-interest. Stevens are tight arses but like to spend money on themselves.

Statistically, people named Steven are more prone to delusions of grandeur.

Apart from the negative vibes that people named Steven have throughout history given to the name, the name itself possesses mystical qualities. When we take the alphabet and extract the letter combination STUVWX a miraculous thing occurs.

1. As we know in mathematics, 'X' represents an unknown quantity. Therefore, we can substitute 'X' for 'N' giving it a known quantity. Thus, we produce STUVWN.

2. If we 'double the 'U' as the letter 'W' commands of us ("double u!"), we get STUUVWN.

3. When we turn the 'UU' and 'W' 90 degree's clockwise the name STEVEN appears.

STEVEN is perhaps the most mystical name in the entire English language for this very fact.


This cryptogram was formulated alongside the development of Hidden Number Theory by a mystical sorcerer known only as STEVEN.
Person: Hi Steven, how are you today? Steven: Better than you.
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by STUVWX MC^234567 August 01, 2019
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A very epic person all-around. Nice,Funny, A good time. Gives great hugs,great advice giver, always there for you.
Kaylah:I just need a big hug right now
Carmen: It sounds like you need a Steven
by DerpDerpDerpDerpDerpDerp September 10, 2011
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A very attrctive male. We all have had our hots for him, and he is the most dirtiest, sexiest, hottest , smartest male out there ;)
Woooah, hes so hot, he must be steven

Lucy: Hey whose that ?
Jenny:hes so hot..
lucy: Must be Steven ..
by Lupeedupeedoo August 14, 2011
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The most perfect amazing boy you will ever meet. he never fails to amaze you. this boy does whatever it takes to make you happy. baby i love you and i will never stop loving you till the day i die and never forget that. your perfect the way you are. I LOVE YOU.
steven, marry me.
by love of your life March 15, 2009
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The sexiest most irresistable man. He is one to be quite hilarious and doesn't even know it. Has the laugh of a God riding an elephant over a land of mini eggs. He also has a sexy girlfriend.

Playa: That guy has a sexy girlfriend!

G: He must be a Steven!
by iputthehoinhot April 06, 2010
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Great guy! Amazing boyfriend, loves to have a good time. Usually has a GREAT smile. Is the life of the party. Has a big heart, gives without thinking of getting anything in return. The type of guy that you can always go to. When he loves someone, he means it. Very creative. Drop dead gorgeous!! 9/10 has a big dick. Strong, muscular, intuitive, SMART. Stubborn at times. Funny. Goofy. Usually a nerd lol. Reliable. If you ever come across a Steven like this, don't let him go!
"OMG, is that Steven?? I love him!!!"
by BrownSkin November 12, 2013
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