Steven is all around a good guy, he has a good group of friends. Steven talks to many girl. Steven only wishes upon one girl that he likes very much but is open to a strong relationship with anyone. Steven is very smart and plays sports.
Steven is a good guy.
by Steven West August 05, 2017
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The best fucking sex you will EVER HAVE.
Susan: "So was he any good?"

Mary: "OMG he was SO Steven!"
by fjdskljgk March 19, 2010
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A cool, sweet guy with a big heart. Tends to love dogs especially chow chows. Is a attic to work out and to stay fit. Usually bilingual or trilingual. He can make a girl laugh or guy. Usually wears glasses and makes him double the smarts.
Did you see Steven with all those chow chows he must gets all the girls
by Inaliak June 28, 2017
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The funniest person you'll ever meet, very thoughtful, and cute.
Person 1: I made a new friend!

Person 2: Yeah?

Person 1: Yeah, he's my Steven. Best friend ever made!!
by taadpole January 24, 2010
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This is a guy who just goes with the flow, every girl secretly wants some piece of him but doesn’t want to say, he also has a brother who eats beans and sleeps.
by Made by you July 10, 2019
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a very kind and loving guy, who will
do anything and everything to make you happy.
he has a beautiful smile, although he hides it beneath
his addictive lips.
you can talk to him about anything, any problem and he
will talk it out with you untill it is solved.
he'll hold your hand soo tight.
his bacon sandwiches are amazzingg..
he is spontanious, and suprising,loves his music and i love his dances !
my jaw locks everytime i'm with him, makes me laugh untill my stomach burns.
basically, an amazing human bean :

i love you spikey, i hope this helps you realise how much.
xx squishy
a) steven, theres a lion in my sock !

b) nom nom NOM! said steven

c) i love you
by moonyjesy July 15, 2010
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1. (noun) a steven a person who is always looking out for best peoples interests and would never set out to hurt someone for their benefit.
2. (verb) to steven an act of kindness, that is far from common courtesy thats purpose is to intensionally make the receiver feel good about themselves.
3. (adverb) stevenly an action that it is done out of the blue, unexpectedly with total sincerity.
antonyms: artem, artemely, artemed
1. "He asked me to the dance when I had got my headgear. He was so steven-like!"
2. "He stevened and she blushed, feeling a lot better about the situation."
3. "he proposed to her stevenly and she was so happy."
by atomic.bomb. February 03, 2009
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